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2002 - 2012

In 2002 Pat Langley-Poole retired after 27 years with the choir as Musical Director and the ladies were then joined by Jackie Pattenden. She developed the choir by introducing new music and also encouraging a small group of the ladies to form "A Touch of TLC" to perform 'a cappella'(without accompaniment) and a variety of lighter pieces. Also a few members were encouraged as soloists featuring in certain songs or by performing duets.

Chris Body then took over the baton as the Musical Director in January 2006 until December 2012 when she conducted TLC for the last time at the Bath Road Christmas Concert.

A New Musical Director for 2014

Shelley Morgan

FLCM (accomp) LRSM (piano perf) DipLCM (singing)

Shelley has been accompanying musical groups in Swindon for over 30 years, starting out with the Gilbert & Sullivan Society under the direction of Ray Howell in 1978. She had been accompanist for Thamesdown Ladies Choir for 15 years before taking up the challenge of becoming their Musical Director at Christmas 2013.

Shelley is a member of the teaching team for the Janice Thompson Performance Trust, also based in Swindon.  She has been actively involved in both of the Trust’s major projects, Brunel:The Little Man in the Tall Hat (2006) and Swindon:The Opera (2012).  She also teaches piano and music theory, as well as offering coaching towards exams and recitals for both instrumentalists and singers.

Chris is continuing her various roles of teaching music in schools and elsewhere in the county.


January 2013 saw Pamela Kempton taking on the role of M.D. She brought renewed vitality to the choir and created a rapport with all the ladies very quickly alongside bringing the choir on musically. She led the ladies to a very successful summer concert which was enjoyed by all. Unhappily for the choir, she was offered a good career opportunity in her homeland and returned to America soon after.

Shelley Morgan our accompanist, then made the decision to take on the role of MD. The ladies were delighted by this decision.