Thamesdown Ladies Choir

Founded in 1975, we’re a unique ladies’ choir in Swindon – blending formal and informal choral singing. Our friendly, modern environment is like a supportive family, where each member’s voice enhances our collective harmony. We prioritise fun and high-quality music, while nurturing a community-minded spirit.

We frequently engage in charity fundraisers, positively impacting our local community. Guided by our exceptional Musical Director and accompanists, we promise a journey of musical growth and enjoyment. Join us to experience the joy of song, friendship, and community!

“I was very nervous when I joined TLC as the last time I sang in a choir was when I was at school, but I have
really enjoyed it! Everyone has been very welcoming and I find singing therapeutic and relaxing. I love it!”


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Joining a Ladies’ Choir: A Symphony of Benefits

Discover the empowering journey of joining a ladies’ choir! From building community and boosting confidence to enhancing health and musical skills, explore the profound benefits of choir participation.

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